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Welcome to Goucher Woods, a lovely wooded townhome community in the heart of Towson.
~    News    ~
Citizens On Patrol
Posted on Feb 15th, 2018
You can now find interesting articles on what is happening on the crime fighting efforts in Towson by going to the "Citizens On Patrol" link under "Useful Web Links" on the Homepage.
Animal Management within the GW community
Posted on Jan 18th, 2018
The GWHOA BOD is receiving numerous complaints about animal management issues within the community. We are an animal loving community and know most people are very attentive and responsible in the care of their animals.  There are a few residents who do not follow the rules.  

Please take the time to review the policies and laws within Baltimore County for reporting issues about animals.
Here are the contact numbers for your reference to file a complaint. The individual who sees the violation must report the issue. As a Board, we cannot enforce the Baltimore county animal laws nor report them on the community's behalf. 
410 887-PAWS is the local number to report an incident or complaint about animal issues related to  unleashed dogs and animal feces. 
If you have a problem with a stray animal, call the local Towson Police Precinct at 410-887-2361.

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~ Tip Of The Month ~
May, 2017
Routine gutter inspection, cleaning and repair are vital to the performance of your home's water management system. Old, matted leaves, sticks and debris can block drainage from the gutter. Blocked gutters can cause the water to "dam" and enter the home, as well as damage the fascia board just below the gutter and badly stain the brick.
Gutters should be inspected, cleaned and repaired at least once a year. If you need a referral, in the "Business Directory" found on the front page of our website, you will find the information on All Around Gutter Service that has done very satisfactory work for several residents in our community.